Kakuji Hirose is a leader in his field of recycling cemented carbides and the driving force behind the development of Alregil's state-of-the-art techniques. He has devoted more than 60 years of his life to this field, with his most notable achievements being:
- Development of granulation of cemented carbide mixed powder.
- Patents relating to Vanadium Chlorination.
- Development of solvent extraction.

The beginning of his career was spent at Sumitomo Electric Industry where he developed the granulation of cemented carbide mixed powder. Fifteen years was dedicated to Sumitomo Electric, developing techniques and sharing knowledge with other respected professionals in this field. In addition to this, he presented major break-throughs in sorting methods of cemented carbides at an international conference held in Hawaii.
After Sumitomo Electric, he involved himself in lead recycling, where several publications were made about his work. Furthermore, he received patents related to Vanadium Chlorination and further acknowledgement for work in the field of Solvent Extraction in association with Kyoto University.

During his research years, he and a fellow colleaque realised the value of their work and developed a company by the name of Legil, which is now known as Alregil.

From achieving his Masters degree at Kyoto University to a career built upon successful research and the development of Alregil's operations, Kakuji Hirose has strived for excellence.


For businesses in need of a highly skilled professional, who can provide answers in regards to the recycling of cemented carbides, Kakuji Hirose is happy to offer his services as a consultant. If you require such a service, please >>CONTACT US<<


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